Take your choice of how you cater to the elk hunters each fall.  You can book fully guided hunting trips, semi-guided hunts utilizing your camps and hunting expertise, or simply drop camps where you pack them in and they hunt on their own.   this already profitable business can be run as year round enterprise or to the extent of your choosing.  a full time operation in this area only entails five months, from the first of July through November.

Just imagine, riding the high country when the aspens are turning golden, elk bugling, and the anticipation of the hunts. We have all the stock, gear, equipment and camps to make it happen.  This is gorgeous high alpine country, but is gentle country on top, hence it’s name, Flat top WILDERNESS. There are fishing lakes, good trails for the stock,  and great camp sites already reserved under our USFS permit. 

our area of operations is west of Denver and Vail, just north of Glenwood Springs, CO .

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PSRO is an equal opportunity service provider.

PSRO Operates under a permit by the USFS in the White River National Forest.

Outfitter # 2991